Of Gods and Men




This orb people, with animals, share

But mankind, alone, might be ‘aware’

Self-conscious and a will that’s free

Capable of kindness, having empathy


Then why the folly of deadly strife

Often using a god’s name to take a life

What god asks people to kill the same

To glorify its works or defend its name


A divinity surely would have no need

To see mere mortals do bloody deed

If such actions must take place

They cannot be claimed to have any god’s grace


Greed, power and pride are the real reasons why

Tribe against creed vie and die

A deity cares neither for war nor peace

As petty lifeforms squander their lease


Why need to be a grand puppeteer

Pulling strings to spread carnage and fear

A monotheist surely would be neutrally benign

Free, not envious, of another’s design


So when in its name you deny some god’s gift

Perverting its cause to a meaningless rift

Know true to yourself that you are to blame

And pray that others do not do the same.

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